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Smart Data Types

Cardiovascular Risk Diet Score

A specialised datatype from the "Question Set" Question Set family

  • This is a "Question Set" datatype, which means you will need to answer a small set of questions
  • Data will be primarily collected via a predefined schedule (e.g. 3PM on Fridays) using one of the supported channels below
Measurement tool for diet based cardiovascular risk
You can use this data type to schdule complex questionaires and obtain test or image answers. for e.g. check weekly stress levels or diet compliance or even check for progress of healing on a wound

Supported Channels

These are the various methods supported by the platform to collect this data type.
Mobile App
Use the Itheum mobile app to collect this data type and enter it via a simple form

Following platforms are supported

Smart Chat + Web Form
You will be reminded by the platform's smart chatbot to collect this data type and enter it into a simple webform.

Following platforms are supported

Alert Thresholds

These are the supported alerts for this data type that get triggered in real time when collected data breaches pre-set thresholds.
Anomaly alarms
Anomalies detected in data patterns trigger alarms

Data Dimensions

These are some additional dimensions to analyse collected data in real time (custom dimensional algorithms that run on raw data).
Nothing yet...

Data Visualisations

These are the supported visualisations for this data type and it's data dimensions. The visualisations are viewable via the user portal and in final data reports.
Readings Trend - Cardiovascular Risk Diet
Readings Trend in line format to see how your are tracking over time

Machine Learning, Deep Data Analysis & Intelligence

These are the available modules to enable advanced intelligence on your data.
Data Annotation
Allows for authorised users to annotate the data collected in order to visualise patterns of positive or negative anomalies
Holistic Data Profile
Overlays all longitudinal data types collected in a unified graph to enable the ability to visualise holistic data profiles
Anomaly Detection
Machine Learning models detect anomalies in data patterns and raise alarms or triggers


These are the available reports that enable data sharing and direct 3rd party integrations to itheum.
PDF Export
This report can be exported as needed (on-demand) or can be scheduled to be emailed at specific points in time (weekly, monthly or when a data collection program ends)
Live View (Signed Links)
Generate 'signed links' that give authorised users direct, one-click access to see live data. An ideal, easy to use integration point for 3rd party software to integrate directly with Itheum
Anonymous Data Trends
View anonymous trends based on data collected from users in your programs. (sensitive and non-sensitive data is fully anonymised and displayed as high level trends)


These are the available education modules and quizzes for this data type. They are used to educate and to standardise data collection techniques.
Platform Introduction
Learn about the key features about the Itheum platform. Watching this is required to activate your platform account.
HOW TO: Respond to a Question Based Assessment
A question based assessment is a small set of questions that you need to answer when asked. In this short video we will show you how you should respond to this question based assessment request.