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Smart Data Types

Highly Efficient User Data CollectionPowered by our Smart Data Type Technology

The building blocks of your Data Collection Programs are highly intelligent Data Types that contain a wealth of longitudinal and dimensional insights and features. Find below our existing library of Smart Data Types, new types can be easily built as per your needs.

MetricBlood Pressure - Both Arms Sitting
MetricBlood Pressure - Left Arm Sitting
MetricDaily Step Count - Summary
MetricDaily Sleep Quality
Question SetThe Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale
Question SetWound Assessment
Question SetPerceived Stress Scale
Question SetThe Godin-Shephard leisure-time Physical Activity Score
Question SetCardiovascular Risk Diet Score
Question SetPet Seizure Episode Tracker
Question SetCFPD Financial well-being Score
Question SetMy Current Financial State (Savings, Assets, Dept) - Sensitive