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Itheum in the Healthcare & Wellness Industry

We’ve all heard the phrase "The future of healthcare is in the data", but today this data is only collected from users (patients) during physical clinical visits and analysed in a reactive way. To truly gain access to new sources of health & wellness data and leverage longitudinal data driven intelligence, we need to make it easier to engage and activate users in-between their physical clinic visits.

We believe in a future of proactive healthcare and are working to make that a reality.

Itheum is a user centric platform that can be used to build data collection, analysis and reporting programs to remotely engage and activate your users.

Within 5 years, the majority of clinically relevant data will be collected outside of the clinical setting (Gregory Abowd, AMIA keynote) *

Our Vision For Healthcare

Today, Healthcare innovation is only available to people who live in developed countries or to those who can afford it. The ownership and distribution of healthcare innovation is also controlled by large private healthcare providers who operate in silos. We feel that human healthcare concerns are universal and to truly unlock new sources of remote health & wellness data and apply longitudinal intelligence on that data in order to solve some of those concerns, we first need to breakdown the current socioeconomic barriers of healthcare innovation.

Itheum’s vision is to be a completely open, free and global platform to facilitate the collection, analysis and reporting of remote health & wellness data via custom built programs. Participation in the platform will be voluntary, ownership of data will remain with its users and positive participation will be incentivised via it’s own utility ecosystem.

How it works

The Itheum platform can be used to build remote health and wellness data collection, analysis and reporting programs. Programs that are built on the platform inherit the following platform modules.

1. Program Builder with Smart Data Types

Build your own structured health & wellness data collection programs to collect Smart Data Types. Specify rules and constraints for data collection and quality and produce education content for your users.

2. Smart Data Collection

Data is collected via a fully automated, Machine Learning backed chatbot who coordinates and navigates users through your programs by engaging and activating them. Over time, the Smart Chat agent "learns" to engage uses during the optimum times and channels (sms, email, messaging and social media) to increase relevancy and timeliness of user data

3. Rewards

A unique algorithm is used to reward users in order to incentivise compliance and adherence. Reward points will be redeemable in the future platform ecosystem for health & wellness services.

4. Data Intelligence

Data is analysed by our intelligence engine that will establish baseline alerts and irregular pattern discovery for all users. In future this platform will enable a collaborative environment where data can be analysed and interrogated anonymously.

5. Reports

User controlled reporting allows a user to generate reports for their doctor or healthcare provider or share their data with only the people they want. Reports can be "pushed" or "pulled" in various formats.

6. Open data

All data is under the control of the "data producer" (the user or patient who generates the data) who has complete access to their data and account information via their user dashboard.

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