The data platform for the Metaverse

Itheum is the world's 1st decentralised,
cross-chain data brokerage platform

Data Collection and Analytics Toolkit

Build highly customizable, personal data powered apps using our flexible data collection and analytics toolkit powered by our Smart Data Types technology

Decentralised Data Exchange (Data DEX)

A free and open, cross-chain personal data marketplace that enables the secure trade of highly valuable personal datasets

Peer to Peer Direct Data Trade

Sell multiple (potentially unlimited) copies of your data direct to buyers around the world. Enables Provable Personal Data Provenance & Lineage

Data NFT

Sell your data wrapped as a NFT to enable limited supply and to leverage autonomous resale royalty payments

Data Coalitions

Align with a Data Coalition DAO and have your data grouped with others like you and have it sold in bulk

Personal Data Proofs

Provide 3rd-party Smart Contracts access to verifiable personal data on-chain. This enables personal-data powered DApps to be built with Provable Data Veracity

Personal Data Vaults

Place your highly sensitive demographic and identifiable data within these vaults that can only be unlocked by you

Personal Data Streams

Sell subscriptions to your longitudinal, continuous data feeds direct to buyers

Data Adaptors

Discover and import your on-chain and off-chain personal data into the Data DEX to augment your other datasets

Trusted Computation Framework

Enable "Privacy Preserving Computation" to share your data for sensitive use-cases whilst protecting your identity

Regional Decentralisaion Hubs

Enable regional decentralisation which balance legal sovereignty laws with personal data sovereignty

Itheum Utility Token

Our utility token will be used for data trade, data quality flagging via staking/bonding, platform and bulk sale DAO governance and other personal data specific use cases

Itheum is winning awards

Breaking News
Itheum wins the PlatON Hackathon
Our privacy-preserving technology architecture wins the PlatON hackathon. Announcement | Winning Architecture

Breaking News
Itheum wins the Hedera:Filecoin Hackathon
This global event was sponsored by Hedera Hashgraph and Filecoin. Read Winning RFP

Itheum is a finalist at the DoraFactory DAOHacks Competition
This event was a showcase of innovative DAO Designs. Watch Live Pitch
Breaking News
Itheum is a winner at the Moralis Hackathon
This global event was sponsored by Polygon, Elrond, Ivan on Tech and many more. Learn More | Live Announcement by Ivan on Tech

Itheum is a finalist at the Harmony Blockchain Hackathon
This event was to showcase new innovative DApps that can run on the Harmony Blockchain. Watch Live Pitch & Demo

Voted global top 20 innovative tech startup
SECOM is a global commercial security provider, we were selected in their top 20 global cohort for a enterprise data sharing proposal

Itheum will power the next generation of DApps
built using personal data

Itheum in use

Smart Data Types Used


If your organisation has a remote-working workforce as part of your COVID19 initiatives - it becomes critical to keep a proactive on-going check on your remote employees' wellbeing.

This program was designed to provide your organisation with a living pulse on your remote employees' mental health, motivation, productivity, engagement levels and general health and wellbeing.

The data insights and machine learning backed reporting will also help your company to continually monitor the wellbeing of teams and help you adapt to productivity disruption.

Thanks to the Itheum Platform the OKPulse program was built and released to the market within 14 days.

Learn more...
Our Programs (Click to read more)
  • OKPulse
  • Red Heart Challenge
  • Post Natal Depression Tracker
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Pet Seizure Monitor
  • Wound Healing Progress Tracker

Latest Updates

Itheum has a strong go-to-market strategy to boost adoption of our platform in the enterprise and direct-to-consumer industries
Our privacy-preserving tools allow for personal data to be shared without exposing the counter parties involved in the trade
The Data Coalition DAO fund pools will use multi-sig technology to ensure that staked and earned token funds are kept safe
Personal Data Proofs will allow for verifiable personal data to be used by smart-contracts to enable advanced on-chain use cases
A demo of how users can use the Data DEX to upload their DNA data, mint a unique Data NFT and then sell it on OpenSea
Major upgrades released to OKPulse; the virtual employee wellness app built on Itheum. These new features will boost real world adoption