Keep a proactive check on Employee Wellbeing during COVID-19 with our OKPulse Program.
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Your personal data is now a highly tradable asset class
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Data collection and analytics toolkit

Tools to build highly customizable Programs (Apps) built using our powerful personal data collection and analytics toolkit.
Key features:
  • Highly flexible data collection task scheduler
  • Omnichannel data collection (app, email, sms, voice, slack etc)
  • Collect multiple Smart Data Types
  • Machine Learning backed analytics and insights engine
  • Dispense rewards for compliance
  • Program management portal
  • User management portal
  • Built in education and training engine
Key Objectives:
  • Increase quantity of highly-structured, outcome-oriented and normalised personal data
  • Boost real-world adoption by providing value to existing commercial organisations
  • Enable the creation of open organisation data silos that contain high quality personal data

Decentralised Data Exchange

A free and open, cross-chain personal data marketplace that enables the secure trade of highly valuable personal datasets.
Key features:
  • Fully decentralised DAPP
  • Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Avalanche support (other EVM chains coming soon)
  • Buy and sell personal data securely on-chain
  • Built in personal data vault for sensitive data storage
  • Data NFTs - earn royalties on re-sales or limit data copies
  • Data Coalition - stake and delegate trade authority to power traders
  • Works with existing cryptocurrency wallets
  • Dedicated utility token coming soon
Key Objectives:
  • Unlock the high quality personal data from organisation data silos
  • Provide data creators the ability to have self-sovereignty over their own data
  • Convert personal data into an asset class with real-world value

Itheum enables "decentralised data brokerage"

Itheum in use

Smart Data Types Used


If your organisation has a remote-working workforce as part of your COVID19 initiatives - it becomes critical to keep a proactive on-going check on your remote employees' wellbeing.

This program was designed to provide your organisation with a living pulse on your remote employees' mental health, motivation, productivity, engagement levels and general health and wellbeing.

The data insights and machine learning backed reporting will also help your company to continually monitor the wellbeing of teams and help you adapt to productivity disruption.

Thanks to the Itheum Platform the OKPulse program was built and released to the market within 14 days.

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