Seamless User Data Collection Solutions
Your organisation needs more user data to speed up critical decision makingYour users need more tools and incentives to share their dataWe provide the platform to connect these two needs

User Data Collection. Done Right! Our 3 Core Products

Data Collection Programs

Seamlessly collect remote data and insights from your users via Programs built using our highly flexible program builder
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Smart Data Types

The building blocks of your Programs are highly intelligent data types that contain a wealth of longitudinal and dimensional insights
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Personal Data Vault

Sensitive data collected from Programs remain the property of your users thanks to Secure Digital Vaults that enable true data ownership
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The world is moving towards “context-aware computing”, don’t get left behind.

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Open Platform (Free)

A free version where we pay all operating costs
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Pay only for operating costs (infrastructure, hosting etc.)
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Case Studies

Red Heart Challenge

When it comes to Chronic Disease, Cardiovascular illness is the leading cause of death around the world. Itheum was approached by a leading outcomes based research institute to co-design a proactive monitoring program that looks at how various metrics like like blood pressure, diet, activity and stress relate to poor Cardiovascular health.

This program had to include only evidence based data (see 'Smart Data types used section') and thanks to the flexibility of Itheum's data collection toolkit it was designed, built and released within 30 days of initial idea.

Users were on-boarded and coordinated via the secure Telegram Chat app, custom made education modules were presented to the user to set expectations and data was collected and with consent shared back to the research institute who commissioned the program.

The Red Heart Challenge is now undergoing an upgrade based on outcomes after the initial study was concluded.

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  • Red Heart Challenge
  • Post Natal Depression Tracker
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Pet Seizure Monitor
  • Wound Healing Progress Tracker

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