Next Generation Platform to Unlock new Sources of User Data
Itheum is pioneering a user-centric data economy by breaking down commercial data silos and enabling a future built on free-market data access

Personal Data Collection. Done Right! Our 3 Core Products

Data Collection Toolkit

Seamlessly collect remote data and insights from your users via Programs built using Smart Data Types and Smart Chat technology
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Personal Data Vault

Sensitive personal data remains the property of your users thanks to Secure Data Vaults that enable true data ownership
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Data Marketplace

Discover highly relevant and timely datasets directly from your users via the Data Marketplace and seamlessly ingest data into your systems
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Our Value Proposition

Your Organisation

Collecting user data to derive business value through user profile analysis can require significant investment - in order to build and maintain custom software to collect, store and analyze user data

Our Platform

Our Data Collection Toolkit let's you compose data collection programs easily and then embed them into your existing business processes - the programs then run and maintain themselves saving you time and money

Our Organisation

There is a high risk that the user data you collect and store in central storage will be subject to data breaches and hacks, causing reputation damage and legal issues - which prevents you from focusing on your core business

Our Platform

Our proprietary Personal Data Vault technology and our new Personal Data Ownership Model reduces the risk caused by centralized data breaches and hacks - the end user truly owns their personal data and therefore shares the risk of keeping it safe

Your Organisation

The sharing and distribution of user data between 3rd parties in current software solutions is not transparent and open. This makes end users hesitant to share data as they feel it is being sold, misused or manipulated

Itheum Platform

Our Data Marketplace technology allows for data to be securely shared with 3rd parties using an immutable audit trail kept on distributed ledger technology. This visibility builds trust and users are willing to share more

Industry Use Cases

The Itheum platform can be used in any industry where user data is needed to generate value through user profile analysis
Customer Engagement
  • Remote sales conversion
  • Loyalty programs & brand loyalty
  • Holistic user insights
  • Seamless remote data collection
  • Direct one-on-one customer communication
  • Net promoter analysis
Health & Wellness
  • Patient engagement
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Continuity of care
  • Collect wearables and IoT user data
  • Patient education
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Market Research
  • Access to verified datasets direct from user
  • User data insights
  • Holistic user insights
  • Research group user management
  • Data analysis via open dimensional algorithms

Process Flow

The Itheum platform facilitates the end-to-end process of personal data collection, storage, protection and distribution
Data Promoter
Organisations that want to collect data that is Relevant, Trustworthy and Timely
Data Provider
Users who want to share data in an environment built on Mutual Trust and Value
Smart Data Types
Programs can collect one or more Smart Data Types and each contain a wealth of longitudinal and dimensional insights and features. We support a rich library of Smart Data Types with new types added upon request and based on a customer's needs. Each Smart Data Type contains:
  • Insights & Visualisations
  • Irregular Alert Thresholds
  • Dimensional Algorithms
  • Data Collection Education
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Smart Data Collection
Data is collected from your users seamlessly using our Smart Chat technology, backed by a fully automated, machine learning powered chatbot who onboards, educates and guides a user through a data collection program. Key features include:
  • Multi channels - sms, email, messaging and social media
  • Learn and optimise user engagement patterns
  • External 3rd Party Data Integration
Secure Data Vault
Personal and sensitive user data elements are stored in secure personal data vaults that can only be unlocked by a target user. A user can then be incentivised to share this protected data as needed. Key features include:
  • Military Grade encryption
  • Per user encryption strategy
  • User unlocks to share only required data

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