Are your People OK?

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If your organisation has a remote-working workforce it becomes critical to keep a proactive on-going check on your remote employees' wellbeing.

This program was designed to provide your organisation with a living pulse on your remote employees' mental health, motivation, productivity, engagement levels and general health and wellbeing.

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Why join this program?

Monthly Benchmark, Regular Mood and Weekly Process Status Checks

The programs starts with a few base wellness check-ins. Benchmark Checks let you form a baseline understanding of how your employees are tracking, Mood Checks let you understand if your employees' mood is deteriorating over time and Status Checks give you details on new issues that pop-up.

Conduct New Checks and Questionnaires at Any Time...

Add new checks and questionnaires with a click-of-a-button, which then gets scheduled and sent out to your remote employees automatically. Add critical checks like the K10 mental health assessment or the perceived stress scale or build your own using the Form Builder

Share Video Updates & Curated Education

Share customised video and education updates (e.g. company updates from the leadership team or tips for working from home) and have all your employees viewing the same messages and content. Drive engagement and Shared Awareness rates up in your company

Free & Secure Employee Portals

Give your employees the ability to manage their data and keep track of their own health & wellness.

What Wellness insights do I get?

Focus on keeping your people healthy and engaged

Schedule and Forget

Unlike other survey tools, the program is scheduled to run continually and automatically. Define your tasks and everything is coordinated automatically with your employees. Focus your efforts on keeping your people healthly.

Reward Points

Employees earn reward points for completing their scheduled tasks (like responding to questionnaires or watching video updates). This drives up engagement and points can be converted to gift-cards in the rewards store.