Red Heart Challenge

Take the 3 Week program and get unique insights into the health of your heart. This challenge uses a first of it’s kind technology to coach you through every step and to put you in the center of the entire process

Why is heart health important?

The health of our heart is a vital indicator to the state of our overall health. Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the term used to describe heart, stroke and blood vessel related diseases and is found to be growing at increasing rates around the world. Cardiovascular Disease is also one of Australia’s largest health problems and sadly kills one Australian every 12 minutes.

In our busy lives we do not stop to really understand how properties like Blood Pressure, Stress, Lifestyle and Diet are affecting our hearts, or take time to educate ourselves on heart conditions or healthier living to promote better heart health. We count on our rare Doctor visits to give us a sign to potential problems but unfortunately this can be highly ineffective in the early detection or prevention of heart conditions.

The Red Heart Challenge was designed to give anyone the opportunity to follow a 3 Week program with an intelligent, first of it’s kind coaching technology that will help you get through it. It was built to engage people who have busy lives and to give them more data that they can present to their Doctor’s on their next visit **.

** It’s very important to note that The Red Heart Challenge is not a medical tool and is in no way a substitute to a Doctor’s visit. It is a lifestyle tool that gives you more insights and data into the health of your heart. The data should be given to your Doctor on your next visit.

Why should you join this program?


Personalised coaching by an intelligent, first of it’s kind challenge coach called Nigel


Access to your own CareView user account where you can monitor your progress from anywhere


Automated irregular pattern detection and specialised data insights generated by our proprietary intelligent expert system technology Lucy


Earns reward points as you complete tasks. These points will be redeemable for future services and gain value as the underlying platform matures and market demand for these points increase


Education into heart related health conditions aimed to increase your understanding of good heart health


At the end of 3 weeks you will receive a final program report emailed to you, this report should be given to your Doctor

Say Hello to Nigel...

Nigel is an intelligent, first of it’s kind virtual health & wellness coach who will be in touch with you during your program. Nigel will guide you through your account setup, coordinate your tasks, motivate and encourage your during you program and also educate you on health topics that relate to your program.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up using the form below
  2. Opt-in to have our Challenge Coach Nigel communicate with you via SMS
  3. Within a few days you will be joined onto the challenge (after your eligibility is confirmed)
  4. Nigel will then begin to reach out to you and ask you to participate in simple "Tasks"
  5. Tasks are scheduled at predetermined times of each day, each task is used to coach you through the program
  6. Examples of tasks will be to take your blood pressure, answer questions on your heart health, watch videos that educate you, partake in simple health quizzes etc.
** What to know more about what you can expect from joining the Red Heart Challenge. Then read our Blog Post

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