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The Itheum Foundation

What is the Itheum Foundation?

The Foundation was established to form a governance community around the direction and roadmap of Itheum. The Foundation will comprise of contributors from around the world who bring their skills in cutting edge technology, business, economics, research, policy and government to envision a future of user centric data protection and collaborate as a team to make it a reality.

The Foundation works closely with the Itheum Core Development Team to deliver the ideas into actual working product releases.

Vision Statement

Use future ready technology to bring about user data protection technology that is equally accessible to everyone on the planet.

Mission Statement

  1. Ensure the innovation we build is available to everyone regardless of socioeconomic factors.
  2. Keep the end-user (data creator) at the Center of the experience, give them full ownership of their own data and the opportunity to provide data to only who they want to.

Foundation Members

We currently have members in these countries and are actively adding new members (see below for how you can join).


A Foundation member is a volunteer position and obligation free. It’s meant for anyone who wants to be in the loop of around cutting edge user data protection technology and innovation. If you join the Foundation you will be included in our primary communication channels (where we discuss ideas) and we may physical meet on occasion for brainstorming sessions :)

What is the key future role of the Foundation?

"Decentralised" governance is a key milestone in our roadmap as we move the entire platform to be fully decentralised in the future. The Foundation will take over governance of the platform via voting protocols that ensure the platform remains decentralised and accessible to all.

Decentralised Future Process Flow

The Itheum platform facilitates the end-to-end process of personal data collection, storage, protection and distribution
Data Promoter
Organisations that want to collect data that is Relevant, Trustworthy and Timely
Data Creator
Users who want to share data in an environment built on Mutual Trust and Value
Smart Data Types
Programs can collect one or more Smart Data Types and each contain a wealth of longitudinal and dimensional insights and features. We support a rich library of Smart Data Types with new types added upon request and based on a customer's needs. Each Smart Data Type contains:
  • Insights & Visualisations
  • Irregular Alert Thresholds
  • Dimensional Algorithms
  • Data Collection Education
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Smart Data Collection
Data is collected from your users seamlessly using our Smart Chat technology, backed by a fully automated, machine learning powered chatbot who onboards, educates and guides a user through a data collection program. Key features include:
  • Multi channels - sms, email, messaging and social media
  • Learn and optimise user engagement patterns
  • External 3rd Party Data Integration
Secure Data Vault
Personal and sensitive user data elements are stored in secure personal data vaults that can only be unlocked by a target user. A user can then be incentivised to share this protected data as needed. Key features include:
  • Military Grade encryption
  • Per user encryption strategy
  • User unlocks to share only required data

Request to Join Foundation

We are always on the look-out for new Foundation members from around the world. Send us an email on click here to show email tell us a bit more about yourself and we will reply with more information on how you can join.